Bid Awards

The following vendors have met all the requirements as presented in the Request for Proposal.

Item Bid
Awarded To
Date Awarded
Bid for 2 3/4 ton HD Trucks for Animal Control and 1 chase mounted Animal Control Box Langdal Ford Co. $62,240 3/25/14
Replacement of Beatty Branch Bridge on Cat Creet Road Southern Concrete Construction Co., Inc $536,500 3/25/14
Paving on Boring Pond Road Reames and Son Construction $756,900.46 3/25/14
Shoulder Paving for Val Del Road The Scruggs Company $949,493.85 3/25/14
Resurfacing of Four County Roads Reames and Son Construction $1,064,131 3/25/14
Tablets for Fire Rescue Hasty's Communications $24,732 3/25/14
New Pavilion at North Lowndes Recreation Park Kellerman Construction $52,292