Emergency Management Agency


The Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency's primary mission is to lead the planning and preparedness efforts within Lowndes County. This requires working with the numerous local response agencies, governments, and volunteer resource agencies to develop effective all hazards plans to ensure that Lowndes County and its citizens are adequately prepared for any type of disaster that may affect our local communities.

Coordinating Efficient Responses

During major events they serve to coordinate the efforts and resources of all local agencies to ensure an effective and efficient response. This also includes working with state and federal emergency management officials to coordinate response and recovery efforts that may overwhelm local resources. In addition to the planning and response activities, the agency also devotes a great deal of time and resources to preparedness activities such as conducting disaster exercises with local agencies, giving emergency preparedness presentations to local groups, and conducting training classes for both responders and citizens.

Learn How to be Prepared

Citizens are encouraged to contact the Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency for information on how to prepare themselves and their family for all types of emergencies and become involved in local community preparedness activities. If you have questions or need information you may contact us at 229-671-2790.