Polling Locations

Early Voting

Voters from all 9 precincts can cast their votes up to 21 days before Election Day at the Lowndes County Elections Office.

Last Day / Election Day Only

Polling Location
Hahira Historical Society
2 Trinity Presbyterian Church
3 Northside Baptist Church Gym
4 Naylor Community Center
5 James H. Rainwater Conference Center
6 Mildred M. Hunter Community Center
7 Papermill Union Hall
8 Dasher City Hall
9 South Lowndes Recreation Complex

Municipal Precincts

Valdosta precincts are the same as county precincts. Municipal precincts, used for municipal elections only. Below are the municipal precincts:
  • DASH: Dasher City Hall
  • HC: Hahira Courthouse
  • LP: Lake Park Civic Center
  • REM: Remerton City Hall