Microchipping – the Single, Most Valuable Tool Used to Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners

When a lost pet enters the animal shelter, it is scanned immediately for a microchip. Pets that have been chipped will register a number on the scanner that will allow shelter staff to access the most recent owner information assigned to the microchip. It is important that pet owners update their contact information as often as it changes. Microchipped pets with current owner contact information have a much greater chance of being reunited with their families. In addition, stolen pets have been returned to the correct owner based on microchip information. Pets that are not microchipped are held in the stray room for a period of three days, waiting to be reclaimed. Unclaimed pets are evaluated for adoption and/or released to rescues.

Lowndes County Animal Shelter staff can microchip your pet during normal business hours for just $25.00. Read microchipping FAQs.