The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office – Criminal Investigation Division is commanded by Captain Bryce Whitener, a veteran law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience. If you would like to contact Capt. Whitener, he can be reached at: 229.671.2970 or by email at

The Criminal Investigation Division investigates both felony and misdemeanor crimes that are reported to the Sheriff’s Office.  The division has eleven (11) case agents and two (2) Crime Scene Technicians.  The Crime Scene Unit has a fully equipped crime lab with AFIS and IAFIS technology and two Crime Scene Response Vehicles.  The Criminal Investigation Division is also in charge of the custody of evidence for which there is one full time custodian assigned.

The Criminal Investigation Division conducts Digital Forensic Investigations for regional law enforcement agencies and has been recognized nationally by the United States Secret Service.

It is the daily emphasis on conducting thorough and objective investigations that supports the credibility and ethical reputation that has been established as a standard for this division.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Criminal Investigation Division also manages the records of over 313 sex offenders registered in Lowndes County. Monthly verifications are conducted on every registered offender.