Witness Subpoenas


This is an update for the Motion calendar for Monday, September 28, 2020. The following cases have come off the calendar and those witnesses do not need to appear in court. The cases are as follows:

The State of GA v.

Derrick Bierau                                            Omar Graterol-Quintero                          Jennifer Williams

Tatiana Smith                                             Bernesha Brown                                         Jessica Hand

Cube Evans                                                  Steven Hardin                                            Tammy Hahn

Javante Hunter                                           Willie White                                               Kaylee Eubanks

Jacob Nolan                                                Asani Smith                                                 Shanavier Walker

Travis Armstrong                                        Andre Whitehead                                         Joshua Edmondson

Christy Harrigan                                            Jevtie Dalibor                                           Eric Barker

Jamie Duff                                                   Kathleen Deline                                          Daniel Blackburn

Vo Ha                                                           Jason Mcleod                                              Summer Blair

Renata Taylor                                             Tahrae Brown                                             Joel Jones

Angelina Capula                                          Geresa Mack                                              Shelton Moore

Anahi Perez-Garcia                                     Jahniah Seawright                                         Rodney Thomas

Christine Pridgen                                        Mark Eaton                                                 Daniel Manuel

Jeffery Gildon                                             Jerry Johnson                                              Whitney Stevens

Daniel Miller                                               Johansen Aurelus                                         Lucia Pascual

Clayton Arledge                                          Luis Candelario-rodriguez                         Phillipa Townsend

Stefano Decarvalho-bontempo                 Shannon Kirk                                              Dustin Breeden

James Kennedy                                           Ronald Wilming                                          Douglas Griner

Denisse Lopez                                             Alan Young                                                 Kristyn Manzi

Jeremy Williams                                         Donte Green                                               Katie Miles

Sarah Smith                                                Jimmie Gray                                                Carli Sheffield

Denver Roberts                                          Laura Bonner                                              Kristina Terrell

Pamela Woods                                           Quontaria Daniels


All other cases not listed are still on the calendar and witnesses are expected to appear in court according to your subpoenas.

This concludes the update.

Thank you,

Lowndes County Solicitor-General’s Office