Witness Subpoenas


This is an update for the Motion calendar for Monday, October 25, 2021 at the Lowndes County Judicial Complex.

The following cases are still ON the calendar and witnesses are expected to appear in court according to your subpoenas. The cases are as follows:


The State of Georgia v.

Tarandus Jones                       Billy Hand                    Avery Corbett              Markee Paseler

Christopher Gaskins                Mary Hannah              Alize Dean                   Branden Piper

Lisa Laster aka Cooper            Shannon Harris           Eddie Duncan              L. Roberts

Eddie White                            Dennis Hart                 Delvon Durden            Elijah Robinson

Kamille Baker                          Leon Mccutchins         Edu Ekwere                 Kaylan Simmons

Justin Gibbs                             Curtis May                   Alexis Gosier               Fabian Skeete

Homero Rivera                       Markieda Williams     James Griffin               Michael Smith

Michael Valler                        Antionne Bellamy       Jeanette Jones             Kilon Suffield

Antonio Morrison                   Jasmine Belvin            Victoria Kimber           Timothy Walker

Randall Mazer                         Antonio Boney            Joshua Knight              Wesley Welcome

Ethan Sanders                         Tyrell Booker               Nathaniel Lewis          Kevin Wilcox

Frantzdy Presume                   Dillon Burdiss              Kristina Love               Jeffery Williams

Gregory Calixte                       Adrianna Caldwell      Marian Lundy              Shaundtell Williams

Bruce Lafluur                          William Castro            Jaime Mcgill                Andre Willie

Autumn Cloar                         Angel Clark                  Kimberly Parsley         Shatara Wortham

Destinee Zeigler                     Neil Lennard                Efthimios Papapetrou   Karen Spurlin

Evan Seago                              Clarke Mcclure           Lonzo Wynn                Quadreakus Gosier

Kayla German                         Phuoc Phan                 Lukas Smith                 Dustin Hunter

Kaleb Cooper                          Jason Loper                 Dylan Mcdonald          Jodie Yacavone

Thomas James                        Antonio Townsend      Leeann Harrell            Becky Schliter

Idris Adelakun                         Kevonta Browne         Elijah Cone                  Mayra Flores

Heather Hembree                   Darrel Holloway          Ivanaka Jones              Ty’ree Joyce

Alphonso Kelly                        Zachari Pickett            Antraveno Pierce        Steven Powers

Garlon Wizzard                       William Alley               Polly Douglass             Gerald Watts

Johnson Mcqueen                   Kutuna Gordon            Christopher Baker       Chance Brooks

Jarrid Brown                            Jackie Chatman           Cleopatra Decruise     Audrecka Dixon          

Joseph Duncan                        Kyveon Harris             Randy Harris               Courtney Ingalls

Devion Johnson                       Darrell Mccrae           Montez Mcgriff          Clifford Repsher

Jaleel Ruffin                            Lafonzo Smith             Shantell Taylor            Lynn Trostle

Anna Tucker                            Oscar Valdez               Jesiah Wade                Shanavier Walker

Evan Williams                         Zachary Williams


All other cases not listed have come OFF the calendar and those witnesses do not need to appear in court.

Please make sure you stop by the Information Table on the first floor of the lobby to check in with the Solicitor’s Office.


 Thank you,

Lowndes County Solicitor-General’s Office