Witness Subpoenas

This is an update for the Motion calendar for Thursday, July 29, 2021. The following cases have come off the calendar and those witnesses do not need to appear in court. The cases are as follows:

The State of GA v.

Natasha Mcleod           Carshie Adams         Pedro Caal                   Harrell Studstill            Christopher Barber          Jerel Hamilton

Dwayne Covins             Eddie Flournah         Quindilyn Hazzard     Michael Valler              Ronald Corbett                 Montez McGriff 

Johnson McQueen       Leivanny Pando        Ryan Wetherington   Mary Summerlin          Ronald Patterson            Brittany Parry

Willie Polion                  Timothy Martin        Darius Crumpton        Kashionia Nelson        Heather Rowan                Henry Tomlinson

Robert Bowens             Brandon Obester      Polly Keller                  Nia Forbes                    Harry Comon                    David West

Eddie White                   Emma Perfect           Hunter Fender            Victoria Allen               Rory Schultz                      Walker Wolford

Melody Evans                Leon Sirmans            James Self                    Jack Carpenter             Jack McComas                 Marvin Smith 

Wesley Jenkins              Melody Evans           Tahesha Miller            Terrence Heflin            Wynter Walters               Alyson Cummings 

James Wilkes                 Kayla Williams          Oshea Brown               Anthony Lozano           Christamy Demory          Adeliza Grace   

James Moore                 Richard Wells            Eddie Rawls                 Yiwei Zhang                  Abdullah Farooq              Amber Hansford

Malcolm Williams         Columbus Washington                                   Waymon Cross            Candice Carter                 Christopher Burke 

Walter Bazemore         Alyssa Combs           Glenn Moore             Cedric Gosier             Donnell Mathis           

Brian Bates                   Deangelo Durham    Shirley Sands             Curtis Perry               Bradley Bostic                 Brian Revels                

Calvin Lane                     Catherine Alday         Robert Cook                Ira Denson                   Danica Fenner                   Michael Register

Fredrick Sublett             Scott Bennett             Kurt Kornemann         John Robinson            Kyle Barrow                 

Jhonathan Perez-Espinoza   Leedonous Harris     Jermane Gosier    Thomas Edwards        Alyson Cummings            Alton Marshall  


All other cases not listed are still on the calendar and witnesses are expected to appear in court according to your subpoenas.

Please make sure you stop by the Information Table on the first floor of the lobby to check in with the Solicitor’s Office.

Thank you,

Lowndes County Solicitor-General’s Office