I don't think you are reading my meter...
We encourage our customers to always check the readings on their monthly billing statements with the readings that are on the actual water meter. Keeping in mind that a reading may have been taken on one day and it takes a couple of days to get the billing statements to our customers so there may be additional usage within those days, but the readings should be pretty close to what is reported on your billing.

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1. Where are you located?
2. What are your hours?
3. What is needed to open an account?
4. Is a deposit required?
5. How do I get my Deposit back?
6. Will my water be turned on the same day?
7. What are your water / sewer rates?
8. What if we need to contact Utilities after regular business hours?
9. My sewer is backing up, what do I do?
10. I have no water...
11. I don't think you are reading my meter...
12. I don't ever see the meter reader looking at my meter and there is dirt and water over the meter dial, there is no way they can get readings from this meter...
13. My neighbor’s water bill is less than mi ne and we use the same amount of water...
14. How do I know if I have a faulty water meter?
15. Why does my water taste or smell funny?