Why does the water system need to be routinely flushed?
The County’s water distribution system is a complex network of pipes and storage reservoirs where sediment or deposits may naturally accumulate over time. If not removed, these materials may cause water quality deterioration, taste and odor problems, or discoloration of the water. Water may also stagnate in lesser used parts of the distribution system. This can
result in degraded water quality.

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1. Why does the water system need to be routinely flushed?
2. Is the Utility Department the only ones that flush the lines?
3. What should I do when I see county utility crews flushing hydrants in my area?
4. What should I do after the flushing?
5. What should I do if my water pressure or volume seems low after flushing?
6. Why does the water look funny after hydrant flushing?
7. Is it OK to drink sediment - laden or discolored water during temporary disturbance events?
8. How is the flushing program related to hydrant testing by the fire departments?
9. What is the silt in the water system after flushing?
10. What will happen if fire hydrants are turned on or off too quickly?