Delinquent Tax


Lowndes County has one of the highest collection rates in the State of Georgia. Your efforts as taxpayers help enable us to make this statement. Our staff is dedicated to collecting all taxes and ensuring the smooth and orderly operation of your county government. Sharing responsibilities of improving our community weighs heavily on the taxes you pay and in turn, are disbursed back to you in many different ways.


The purpose of the Delinquent Tax Division is to enforce the laws regarding taxes and collect from individuals that fail or refuse to pay. Most of the time delinquent tax matters can be satisfied with a simple letter or phone call, although from time to time, we must collect the delinquent taxes through a Levy and Tax Sale. Tax Sales are open to the public and function as a means of collecting delinquent taxes.

The format of the sale is an auction type setting starting with a bid of the amount of taxes owed. Tax Sales are held on the first Tuesday of the month. In addition to this website, tax sale information can be found in the Friday Edition of The Valdosta Daily Times legal ad section. Tax Sales are conducted on the courthouse steps in Valdosta, Georgia. Our office will coordinate a tax sale every month if needed.