You've just found the perfect new addition to your family. That is why we want to give you a special gift, your pet's first month of ShelterCare. The Lowndes County Animal Shelter activates your insurance gift at the conclusion of your adoption. Your new pet will be micro-chipped with a 24Pet Watch microchip, and the unique number will be registered in your name.

Designed for adopted cats and dogs, this ShelterCare Pet Gift Program is specially designed for shelter pets. You and your new family member can rest easy because unexpected accidents and illnesses common to shelter pets are covered.

Your shelter has provided you with a 30 day gift of insurance for your newly adopted pet. You can extend your gift coverage to 45 days, or add renter's coverage at no-cost! Simply call ShelterCare at 1-877-707-7297 within 72 hours of adopting your pet. Protect your new pet with a wide variety of programs available from the ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs and we will apply the value of the ShelterCare Gift of $8.95 toward the plan that's right for you.


You must activate your ShelterCare Gift policy within 10 days from the adoption date. Your pet's coverage begins 1 minute past the second midnight (ST) following activation. This advertisement is only an outline, the actual policy issued terms and conditions will prevail.

Microchip Information

Is your pet microchipped? Find out why they should be. 24PetMedInfo securely maintain your pet's important medical records online for easy access in cases of emergency. EmergencyCare provides $3,000 of immediate coverage for veterinary fees should your pet go missing and be brought to a veterinary clinic or shelter requiring life saving treatment.