County Facts

Lowndes County is a great place to live and work. Those of you that are already residents of Lowndes County know this to be fact. Those of you that have not yet visited our community will surely come to agree with this statement after you experience the alluring lifestyle, the warm inviting climate, and some of the best people you could ask for as neighbors and friends. The goal of our local county government is to mirror the fine people that live and work in our community while striving to represent them to the best of our ability.

The 500 plus employees, that provide needed services to our citizens, are proud to be a part of a progressive government that is a notch ahead of many rural mid-size communities. Across the board, Lowndes is blessed with people that are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to better serve our citizens. It is both an honor and a privilege to be associated with this government as County Manager and I am proud to work daily alongside the people that make Lowndes County function. Whether you are a visitor or life long resident, please know that Lowndes County is anxious to assist you with any issue related to providing you the service you need and deserve. I encourage you to visit our offices and meet your staff of County employees.

- Paige Dukes, County Manager

Lowndes County Facts

  • Population: 119,739
  • Area: 511 square miles
  • County Seat: Valdosta
  • Established: December 23, 1825
  • Population Rank: 18th in state
  • Public Road: 1,227 miles

State Representatives

  • John Corbett (R) - District 174
  • John La Hood  (R) - District 175
  • James Burchett (R) - District 176


  • Russ Goodman  (R)

Lowndes County is in the 8th State Senatorial District, the 174th, 175th, and 176th State House Districts and the 1st and 2nd U.S. Congressional Districts.

For more information please see the Lowndes County Community Profile.