The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office  has jurisdiction of over 511 square miles with a population of 115,489.  The Patrol Division provides for the implementation of crime prevention and enforcement strategies unique to specific neighborhoods, the total area is divided into six zones. Each zone has it’s unique features that must be addressed in the implementation of crime prevention strategies. The primary role of the Patrol Division is to provide law enforcement within the unincorporated areas of Lowndes County and to assist other law enforcement agencies within the county. In addition to crime prevention and enforcement, deputies assigned to the Patrol Division serve civil papers and execute arrest warrants.  

School Resource Officer 

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is another example of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office approach to being connected with our community. The SRO Section is made up of 17 deputies covering 11 schools and servicing approximately 10,500 students plus staff of schools making up the Lowndes County School system.  These deputies are specially trained to work in a school setting and to provide for the security of our most precious resource.  In addition to the law enforcement duties the SRO Section provide Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) in the schools they are assigned.

The SRO works in collaboration with their campus parents/guardians, administration, faculty and staff to provide a safe learning environment, law related education, counseling, mentorship and expertise of a trained law enforcement officer at their schools.


The mission of the K-9 Unit is to support all law enforcement activity and the community of Lowndes County. This support is a force multiplier which assists in the apprehension of fleeing criminals, warrant searches, building and area searches,  search and rescue, pursuits, illegal drug eradication, along with assisting patrol deputies with in-progress calls for service.  Aside from their law enforcement duties, the K-9 teams visit schools, churches and businesses to give demonstrations of their canine’s abilities and to educate and give the public a better understanding of what the team is utilized for.