Special Response Team

The Special Response Team (SRT), was formed in 2001, and is used in high risk operations to include Barricaded Subjects, Dignitary Protection, High Risk Arrest and Search Warrants, and Hostage Situations. SRT members volunteer for and then compete in a rigorous physical and mental evaluation process for placement on the Team, which is in addition to their regular duty assignment. SRT members are on-call on a 24 hour basis.

Entry Team
The largest component is the Entry Team. Entry members are the ones who are the "first through the door" and the "hands on" people. These members serve as Rescue Teams, Arrest teams, Search Teams, Assault Teams or whatever the situation calls for.

Sniper Team
The second component of SRT is the Sniper Team. These members are remarkably skilled in marksmanship but more importantly play a vital role as scouts and intelligence gatherers for SRT.

The third area of specialization is our Hostage Negotiators who are specifically skilled and trained in the art of communication. Negotiation members constantly train and work to bring about peaceful resolutions to crisis situations.